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Peace of Mind Today.

Continuous Innovation for the Future.

Trusted by golf course professionals worldwide, Rain Bird® irrigation rotors deliver industry-leading durability and exclusive innovations that boost efficiency and precision. That means we make it easier for you to maintain exceptional playing conditions across your entire course—no matter the challenges you face. Whether you choose the flexible 702/752, versatile 952 or reliable block rotors, you'll find the reliability only Rain Bird can offer.

Rigorous Testing

Get industry-leading durability from rotors that have been exhaustively tested and held to the highest standards.

Unrivaled Performance & Uniformity

Take watering efficiency and precision to the next level thanks to a collection of innovations built into every head.

Timeless Compatibility™


Make hassle-free upgrades any time, with rotors that are engineered to work with existing Rain Bird systems, as well as future innovations.

Rain Bird® 702/752 Series

Dependable Coverage Throughout Your Course


Available in IC and electric models, the full-circle 702 Series and full/part-circle 752 Series deliver unmatched flexibility and industry-leading uniformity, making it easier to maintain flawless turf.

  • 75% faster nozzle changes, with no need for removing internals

  • When changing nozzles, the self-adjusting stator automatically adjusts flow to control rotation speed and optimize performance

  • MemoryArc® saves time and labor by retaining two part-circle arc settings

Explore 702/752


       Rain Bird 952 Series


Go Further. Stress Less.

The 952 Series is designed to do the work of two rotors - giving you the coverage and performance you need and the simplicity and convenience you want. The 952 is available in IC, electric and SAM models.

  • Performance - Get improved playing conditions and healthier turf with superior distribution uniformity, reduced dwell time and crisp edge results.

  • Simplicity - Achieve optimal ease of use with a self-adjusting stator, consistent rotation speed and one nozzle set for your entire course. Plus, the 952 internal is compatible with 900 and 950 series rotors, so there's no need for costly digs to upgrade.

  • Convenience - Always have the right rotor with the ability to switch between full- and part-circle rotations. This also means your course, distributor and contractor will have less inventory to stock.


Rain Bird Block Rotors

Flexible, Time-Saving Benefits

Rain Bird block rotors are designed for the harsh conditions encountered in golf applications.  Engineered for precise application and distribution uniformity, Rain Bird block rotors help you get the most from your water source.

  • One stator for any nozzle providing consistent rotation speeds

  • Seal-A-Matic Check Valve improves holdback up to 17’ (5.2m)

  • 75% faster nozzle changes in the field with simply a screwdriver

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